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Al Dente Trattoria!

Imagine a fresh and delicious antipasti with mussels, tomato sauce, shallots, garlic and white wine could be part of your lunch or dinner next to one of our 22 tasty pizzas, as the Quattro Formaggi Pizza is one of our specials:tomato sauce, bocconcina, brick, parmesan and mozzarella cheese will delight your senses. Al Dente Trattoria cares about your health so ask for the insalata of your preference, we have the Mista, the Di Cesare if you prefer or the Di Fussili with pasta salad, black olives, red peppers, celery, shallots and vinaigrette.
You can have it all if your order online or by phone too, come to Monkland Avenue and Pick up your order or choose delivery service and wait for it!

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